Phoenix Rising: A Journey of Healing and Purification | Lapis Tiger

Phoenix Rising: A Journey of Healing and Purification | Lapis Tiger

"This is my van Agni. I named him after the Ancient Fire God with two heads. Agni is a 1997 Dodge caravan, and when I first got this van after selling my Toyota Rav 4, I received 3 offers from people who wanted my van. That’s when I knew I have a special car. So now, without a home, the universe led me and Agni to Santa Clarita where I started living in an RV park in a sea of 300 people. I was the only Asian there except for one other girl, because you don’t really find Asians living in RV parks.

When I first arrived at this RV park, I was shocked by the magic and beauty of the place. I was allowed to camp out in the Los Angeles National Forest next to a river where I can hear the stream running at night. I would wake up to views of the mountains surrounding me. At night, I can see the stars so clearly above me before I slept. And when I had to move away from the river because of a drug user camped out near me, I got to wake up to a beautiful lake right in front of my van. And, I met all kinds of people there – people who lost their homes in the Malibu fire. People who made bad choices in their lives and regretted them. There was a former stripper who was an alcoholic, and a daughter of one of the Beach Boys singers who was now in a wheelchair. I met people who, like me, left everything behind to go for their dreams, namely, a young 12-year-old actress whose family of 5 gave up their house to move into a small trailer so that she can attend auditions in LA. That young actress became my friend, and now, she is the lead actress in a major Disney feature film."

-- Lapis Tiger
Recorded at Crushing The Myth (07) LA.

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Speaker: Nina Nam

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Recorded at Crushing The Myth (LA, June 22nd, 2019)

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